Phone Friends

WHAT role does a Phone Friend Fill?

What it’s not…

  • Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma
  • Counselor or Therapist
  • Mentor or Life Coach
  • A Best Friend
  • An Accountability Partner

What it is…

  • An Encourager or Cheer Leader
  • A Prayer Partner
  • A Relational Connection to Deed & Truth so we can step up in case of emergency or important need arises

WHAT is required of a Phone Friend?

  • Text your Phone Friend once a week (ideas below)
    • Just check in to remind them you are thinking of them
    • Send a bible verse or encouraging note
    • Send a prayer or ask for a prayer request
    • Follow up on a prayer request
    • Ask them to pray for you about something specific
    • Send a link to an inspiring news article or song
  • Call your Phone Friend once a month (10-15 minutes)
  • Pray weekly for your Phone Friend
  • Contact the Deed & Truth point person if there are any concerns

WHY be a Phone Friend?

  • Because people leaving a program are feeling alone and afraid
  • Because everyone needs relationships
  • Because we are called to pray for one another
  • Because you will gain a sense of fulfillment when you help others

Those who have experienced homelessness and/or addiction fear falling back in and need healthy relationships to stay the course.  After leaving a live-in recovery program they are leaving the community that had been their life support.  As they transition into more independent living they need to know they are not alone.

WHO can be a Phone Friend?  What are the qualifications?

  • Anyone who knows how to have a functional relationship
  • Anyone who will commit to being faithful to fulfill the minimum requirements
  • Anyone who wants to experience the joy of being used of God to help someone succeed in life with relatively little investment
  • A small friend group could join together to take turns communicating with the phone friend

HOW do I become a Phone Friend?

  • Contact your church or organization’s point, person
  • Email Betty of Deed & Truth:
  • We will go over the minimum qualifications and requirements then connect you to your Phone Friend who’s anxious to hear from you.


  • Send the Phone Friend family cards in the mail
  • Remember their special days and holidays
  • Invite to your church for a special event
  • Get together in-person to enjoy a meal